Connecting API Changes to Git

By connecting your API changes with your code changes, Optic brings the API lifecycle and your team's development process into alignment.


Collaboration requires a team account

Integrating the GitBot and linking your code changes and API changes in Optic requires a paid team account. You can start a free trial here.

GitBot and Collaboration

The Optic GitBot is a small tool that connects your Pull Requests to the API changes Optic knows about. When you add the GitBot:

  • API Changelogs are attached to every Pull Request that changes the API.
  • When a developer implements a planplan - Planning a change involves defining the behavior of desired API changes for review in a proposal. The behavior desired can be defined with structured text such as OpenAPI, interactive edits to requests and responses, or structured data such as example JSON request and response bodies. Planning a change is the first step in design-first workflows.ned API change ("design-first"), Optic verifies for the team in the Pull Request that the planned changes were implemented as designed.
  • When a Pull Request is merged, Optic will comment with a link that tracks these changes from CI, to staging, all the way out to production.

Guides: GitBot setup

Manually paste links

If you are not ready to add the Optic GitBot to your repository, you can share links to your API changelogs manually. Each changelog link is similar to sharing a link to a specific Git commit.

Teams also share these links in Slack and sometimes attach them to Jira tickets.

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