Removing endpoints

When it's time to deprecate / remove an endpoint, you can remove it from your specificationspecification - The current API specification, and a full history of every change ever made to the API.. The full history of the endpoint, including all of its changes, is preserved and will always be available.

Removing and endpoint from tracking

You can untrack any tracked endpoint in Optic.

  1. In your API project in the Optic Cloud, click Untrack endpoint next to the endpoint you want to remove from tracking.

  2. You may choose multiple endpoints to untrack. Once you have selected all of the endpoints to stop tracking, click the Save button.

  3. Add a descriptive commit message and click OK. The change will be committed to your API specification.

What your team sees during code review

By connecting your API lifecycle to your code changes, Optic is able to add accurate API changelogs to every Pull Request that affects the API.

In every changelog, it's easy to see which endpoints were added (green), updated (yellow), or in this case, removed (red).

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