Review API changes

Optic makes it easy for everyone on your team to track their API changes without needing to learn OpenAPI. When it only takes 2 minutes to document a new endpoint or track changes to existing endpoint developers show their work, allowing teammates to start reviewing API changes.

Whenever teams start to talk about their API changes, these conversations lead to higher-quality, more evolvable APIs and better experiences for all their API consumers.

Track changes, review them as a team

With Optic, API changes get reviewed and approved before they are merged.

  1. This starts with the developer who made the change showing their work with Optic (it's easy).

  2. When the developer opens a Pull Request, Optic's GitBot attaches an API changelog. This gives every reviewer the context they need to evaluate and discuss the API changes related to the code that changed.

Tools for discussing API change

To have a productive discussion about a set of API changes, you need semantic API diffs detailing exactly what resources in our API have changed.

Optic has ported successful ideas and visualization from Git to the API space:

  • History - Optic understands the history of every change that has ever been made to your API.
  • Changesets (commits) - groups of changes related to a feature/s can be visualized and discussed.
  • Forkable + mergeable specificationspecification - The current API specification, and a full history of every change ever made to the API.s - Optic supports collaboration without conflicts or fear of overwriting each other's work. This allows for Optic's design-first/planning workflows.
API history view -- similar to Git historyAPI history view -- similar to Git history

API history view -- similar to Git history

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