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This guide assumes you've been invited to Optic by someone on your team

If you're still evaluating the tool, here's an article about why teams choose Optic. If you're just getting started, here are resources on adding your API to Optic and inviting your team.

Welcome to Optic, the team's source of truth for the API you are building together.

Optic helps us:

  • Review and discuss each API change, before it gets deployed. It's like code review but for the API changes each of us make. With Optic, an API changelog is added to any Pull Request that changes the API.
  • Share accurate, up-to-date documentation with our consumers, and notify them when things change
  • Understand which versions of each endpoint are running in each environment, and track changes from Pull Request -> Production in real time.

What using Optic asks of you, a developer on the team:

Use Optic to show your work:

  • When you write code that changes the API, track the code changes with Git and the API changes with Optic (it takes 2 minutes). Just open Optic and click Add Endpoint or Update Endpoint.
  • When you are implementing an API that was planned "design-first", use Optic to show your work and prove that the API was implemented properly by the code you wrote. Just click Prove an API Implementation.

What’s Next

Learn more about using Optic with your team

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