How to Contribute

Do you think Optic is an interesting project? Want to help out? Here's a guide with a lot of options for contributing to the success of the project.

Thanks for your interest in Optic 😀There are many ways you can help out with various levels of commitment!

👍 Level 1 - Send some Encouragement

Send some encouragement! This is a hard project and we've been working a long time to make it great for developers. You have no idea how much it means to receive a short Tweet or email (

✍️Level 2 - Provide some Feedback

The more quality feedback we receive, the faster we'll reach product-market fit. Taking 5 minutes to complete this survey could save us days or weeks if you know something we don't or have a great idea you're willing to share. Email us at

🏁Level 3 - Use Optic at Work

Every API should use something like Optic for automated documentation and testing. Whether you work at a startup or a large company, the more teams that use Optic, the better.

We can help you get set-up and answer your questions with a 30 minute on-boarding call. Book it with the link below and invite a colleague :)

🎨Level 4 - Publish Content

Help spread the word and build the community by creating some Optic content. Our team will help you promote it and send you some thank you Optic swag.

Examples of Content:

  • Blog Post

  • Tweet or TweetStorm

  • Make a tutorial post or video

  • Improve the Optic docs (maybe even the page you're reading right now)

  • Create boilerplate projects to help people get started faster ie Express with Optic, or Rails w/ Optic

Email us before publishing so we know to share your content.

⌨️ Level 5 - Contribute Code

Optic is open source and you can see all our code on GitHub. If you're interested in helping out:

  • Fix a bug you find

  • Open an issue

  • Email to talk about the open issues we need help with.

Do you know a lot about managing open source projects? As you can see our contributor guides are still nascent. We would love to chat and learn everything we can about building a great open source community.

🍀 Level 6 - Join the Team

Want to work on Optic full time? We are hiring great Developers and proven DevRels. The only hard requirements are a love of developers and a commitment to continual self-improvement.

If interested, email our founder Aidan ( with the following information. Everyone who puts this effort forward will get a 30 min phone interview.

Please make the subject line [Join the Team] Your Name

  • A cover paragraph that answers the question "Why do you want to work on Optic?"

  • A cool fact you learned in the last week

  • A link to either:

    • A pull request to the Optic repo (if applying as a developer)

    • A draft or published piece of content about Optic